Sentence Examples with the word combing

At forty a man generally lets his beard grow its full length, and cherishes it much; part of a Persians religious exercises is the combing of his beard.

First the filled silk is placed into a holding receptacle, clamped fast, and presented to combing teeth.

Jackson took a lock of her hair in his hand, carefully combing through all the colors for the bronze.

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It is one of the chief centres in France for wool combing and spinning, and produces a great variety of cloths.

Left with her towel and her toiletries, she took her time applying the thick moisturizer and lotion over her entire body, then finished by combing through her hair.

The flat frame is the most gentle in its usage of the silk, but is most costly in labour; whilst the circular frame, being more severe in its action, is not suitable for the thoroughly degummed silks, but on the other hand is best for silks containing much wormy matter, because the silk hanging down into the combing teeth is thoroughly cleansed of such foreign matter, which is deposited under the machine.

In length, requiring great care and frequent combing to prevent it from becoming matted.

The animal undergoes during that time a process of combing by which all the wool and a portion of the hair, which of necessity comes with it, is removed.

Police dogs were seen combing the property.

To get her to do the simplest thing, such as combing her hair or washing her hands or buttoning her boots, it was necessary to use force, and, of course, a distressing scene followed.