Sentence Examples with the word column

On this very day the small Desert Column started from Korti on its hazardous mission to the relief of a town fully 270 m.

Among the most important public squares are the Opern-platz, around or near which stand the opera house, the royal library, the university and the armoury; the Gendarmenmarkt, with the royal theatre in its centre, the Schloss-platz; the Lustgarten, between the north side of the royal palace, the cathedral and the old and new museums; the Pariser-platz with the French embassy, at the Brandenburg Gate; the KBnigs-platz, with the column of Victory, the Reichstagsgebaude and the Bismarck and Moltke monuments; the Wilhelms-platz; the circular Belle-Alliance-platz, with a column commemorating the battle of Waterloo; and, in the western district, the spacious Liitzow-platz.

The Greek had created the column; the Roman had developed it; the Roman Greek'or Greek Roman had taught the column to bear the cupola; the Saracen had taught it to bear arches of his own favourite pointed shape.

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A small but distinctly visible enemy column was moving down the hill, probably to strengthen the front line.

The third column shows the relative amount of hysteresis deduced by Ewing as a general mean from actual tests of many samples (Journ.

Meanwhile another column was to have attacked the French from the front, but Kutuzov accompanied that column.

Behind the penis on the same side is the hook-like columella muscle, a development of the retractor muscle of the foot, which clings to the spiral column or columella of the shell (see fig.

Buller, who arrived at Gubat on the II th of February, decided upon withdrawal, thus averting impending disaster, and by the 16th of March the Desert Column had returned to Korti.

The guns emerged at a trot from the column following Murat and advanced up the Arbat.

Flies's column (backed by a fresh brigade) south of Langensalza, and Beyer approached from Eisenach.