Sentence Examples with the word columella

Spire of shell prominent, aperture narrow, canal very short, columella crenelated; foot large.

Cato, Varro and Columella all agree that slave labour was to be preferred to free except in unhealthy regions and for large occasional operations, which probably transcended the capacity of the permanent familia rustica.

The chief or only changes which domestication seems to have induced in its appearance are a tendency to albinism generally shown in the plumage of its lower parts, and frequently, though not always, the conversion of the colour of its legs and 1 Columella (De re rustica, viii.

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Mc, Columella muscle (muscular process grasping the shell).

The quadrate is indirectly articulated with the skull, first by the horizontal, movable squamosal, secondly by the columella auris.

The proOtic encloses between it and the lateral occipital the fenestra ovalis, into which fits the columella of the ear.

In Virgil's time the varieties in cultivation seem to have been exceedingly numerous; and the varied methods of training and culture now in use in Italy are in many cases identical with those described by Columella and other Roman writers.

Many of the instruments and processes of Portuguese agriculture and viticulture were introduced by the Romans, and are such as Columella described in the 1st century A.D.

Shell fusiform and solid, aperture elongated, columella folded; no operculum; eyes on sides of tentacles.

Monodonta, no jaws, spire not prominent, no umbilicus, columella toothed.