Sentence Examples with the word colors

The colors and sensations of the immortal world were richer on the senses, but the mortal world seemed raw, untamed.

He glanced around the penthouse decorated in dark colors with flashes of burgundy and brown, attention settling on the familiar skyline visible through the window.

Carmen had chosen the colors pastel violet and light gray, with the theme being hearts and the flowers being forget-me-nots.

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Of other medieval glass may be noted the splendid glass vases for lamps, with Arab inscriptions fused in colors on the outsides.

She wore a rich tanzanite blue-purple that was darker than the colors worn by the people of this planet.

Mutagenesis was invented in the 1920s by Lewis J. Stadler of the University of Missouri who pointed X-rays at some barley seeds and noticed that the resulting plants were all different colors and had a variety of mutations.

The high school student had a pennant with his school colors on his bedroom wall.

She was numb to most of the world, and the colors of the worlds were muted.

The colors represented the four countries of Oz, and the green star the Emerald City.

The extraordinary forms, colors and textures of the true galls have always formed some of the most interesting of biological questions, for not only is there definite co-operation I between a given species of insect and of plant, as shown by the facts that the same insect may induce galls of different kinds on different plants or organs, while different insects induce different galls on the same plante.g.