Sentence Examples with the word colorless

Ax., Green axis creeping on the surface of damp soil; rh., colorless rhizoids penetrating the soil; asc. ax., ascending axes of green cells.

The primitive cell sends colorless tubelets (rhizoids, rh.) into the mud on which it grows.

The fundamental substance or stroma is colorless and homogeneous.

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In the Cyanophyceae the contents of the cell are differentiated into a central colorless region, and a peripheral layer containing the chlorophyll and other coloring matters together with granules of a reserve substance called cyanophycin.

Yet a single glass of its water held up to the light is as colorless as an equal quantity of air.

She stared out the window at the colorless winter landscape.

The new government was colorless in the extreme, and the premiers programme aroused no enthusiasm in the House, the most important bill presented being that for the purchase of the railways, which was voted in June 1905.

Med., Longitudinally running comparatively colorless central (medullary) branches, which conduct food substances and support the (ass.

It is this, that whereas the latter produce their chromatic effects by mixing the coloring matter with the glaze, Seif 6 paints the biscuit with a pigment over which he runs a translucid colorless glaze.

An entirely clear colorless glass was made in the XVIIIth Dynasty, but colored glass was mainly used.