Sentence Examples with the word colorful

The colorful tattoos on his body told stories of great battles in artful, geometric writing.

The orbs resembled marbles with colorful lights that danced.

Ashley wasn't in the room, though Jessi recognized some of her cousin's things: a pink cell phone charger, a backpack that yawned open to reveal clothes, the stack of colorful beaded bracelets on the arm of the couch.

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Brandon Westlake remained under his colorful cover until he was sure the Deans were with wheels.

Her gaze lingered on a small bunch of colorful flowers hugging the base of a tree.

The woman rummaged through the colorful attire in a frenzy until she retrieved and turned off a large old fashioned alarm clock.

The walls were covered with colorful pictographs of couples and Anshan's geometric writing, telling her a story she couldn't read.

She couldn't wait to further test her newfound skills, especially when the sunshine presented the wild flowers in their most colorful costumes.

Xander sifted through Ashley's colorful beads, uninterested.

It was a colorful room, though, with all those beautiful gowns.