Sentence Examples with the word color in

His gaze lifted to hers and he smiled as he noted the rising color in her cheeks.

He glanced up sharply and noted the color in her cheeks.

Too bad the darkness didn't hide the anxiety in her voice as well as it hid the color in her cheeks.

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They were traveling in a sandy ravine when she spotted a flash of color in the distance.

So thoroughly had he now mastered the management of glazes that he could combine yellow, green, white and claret color in regular patches to imitate tortoise-shell.

She slapped her hat back on to hide the color in her cheeks and scrambled onto her wagon seat.

His eyes were white then black then changed from every color in between, his brown hair of medium length and wavy, ruffled by the sea breeze.

The only difference was her hair and the eyes that turned from white to black to every color in between.

The sun had baked the sage grass a tawny color in the fields.

The eyes that once turned from black to white to every color in between were now blue-green in color, and her face held a human flush enhanced by his lovemaking.