Sentence Examples with the word colophon

Hence doubtless the claim of Colophon to be the native city of Homer - a claim supported in the early times of Homeric learning by the Colophonian poet and grammarian Antimachus.

In the colophon also the compiler (as he calls himself) excuses the errors of orthography.

On the analogy of the other laws it is probable that the old torah, which forms the basis of the chapter, has been subsequently expanded, but except in the colophon (vv.

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This event may be referred to the middle of the 7th century B.C. About 700 B.C. Gyges, first Mermnad king of Lydia, invaded the territories of Smyrna and Miletus, and is said to have taken Colophon as his son Ardys did Priene.

Of more value was the great work of Dinon of Colophon (c. 340), which we know from numerous excellent fragments; and on the same level may be placed a few statements from Heraclides of Cynie, which afford specially important evidence on Persian institutions.

The passage shows, not merely that Homer was well known at Colophon in the time of Xenophanes, but also that the great advance in moral and religious ideas which forced Plato to banish Homer from his republic had made itself felt in the days of the early Ionic philosophers.

Nicander of Colophon has also left us two epics, one on remedies for poisons, the other on the bites of venomous beasts.

He seems at some time in his life to have assumed the name of Jacob, and is so entitled in the colophon to a MS. of A.D.

APATURIA ('Airaroipca), an ancient Greek festival held annually by all the Ionian towns except Ephesus and Colophon (Herodotus i.

A similar character must be assigned to the remaining verses of chap. xiv., with the exception of the colophon in v.