Sentence Examples with the word colonnade

The Germans found remains of a Ptolemaic colonnade and streets in the north-east of the city, but little else.

The external colonnade (on south, east and west) was Doric; the interior row of columns Corinthian.

Of the squares, the principal is the Friedrich-Wilhelmplatz, on which lies the Elisenbrunnen with its colonnade and garden, the chief resort of visitors taking the baths and waters.

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The ceiling of cedar is richly carved, and there is a fine colonnade on each side of the court.

It consisted of a large open rectangular space surrounded by an Ionic colonnade into which opened a number of shops or storehouses.

It consisted of a rectangular court surrounded by chambers on the outside and with a colonnade of thirty-six columns of cipollino (Carystian) marble and grey granite.

At the top level the wall was covered by a colonnade of wooden pillars resting on circular stone blocks.

In the centre was a round colonnade with sixteen columns of Numidian marble (giallo antico) now in the theatre of the palace at Caserta.

From each end of the house a curved colonnade and a pavement lead westerly to a row of out-buildings which partially enclose a bowling green and spacious lawn with shaded drives and walks, and beautiful gardens (with trees planted by Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Lafayette and others).

The back of the colonnade was built of brick, and is now missing, as are all the brick parts of the palace, owing to the bricks having been only sun-dried.