Sentence Examples with the word colonist

The settlement of Trenton began in 1680 with the erection by Mahlon Stacy, a Quaker colonist of Burlington, of a mill at the junction of the Assanpink creek' with the Delaware river.

Watermeyer, a Cape colonist of Dutch descent residing in Cape Town.

This was the first time that a colonist had been called upon to assist in the settlement of international disputes.

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For the losses he had sustained as a colonist he received no compensation, and several years elapsed before he obtained an appointment that placed him in a state of comfort and independence.

Cullinan (a Cape colonist and one of the chief contractors in the building of Johannesburg), whose faith in the richness of the ground was speedily justified.

An industrious colonist could purchase a small farm on the estate and make himself independent in two years.

Thus a Phoenician colonist might desire to carry abroad the cult of a certain Baal or Astarte who lived in a conical stone or pillar.

Every colonist was enrolled either in the Milicias or Ordenanzas.

His first ancestor in America may possibly have been Captain Isaac Maddyson, a colonist of 1623 mentioned by John Smith as an excellent Indian fighter.

Each colonist not only paid him a fixed rent, usually in kind, but had to share with him the increase of the stock and to have the grain ground at his mill.