Sentence Examples with the word colombian

Cochrane made a landing near Caracas, and proclaimed the Colombian republic. He had some success, but a false report of peace between France and England caused the English admiral to withdraw his support.

The Eastern Cordillera is in some respects the most important of the three branches of the Colombian Andes.

The Colombian tapir is known as the Tapirus Roulini, and is slightly smaller than the Brazilian species (T.

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The republic has no debt: it refused to accept responsibility for a part of the Colombian debt; and it has no standing army.

Repeated risings occurred, till in the end of 1827 General Sucre and his Colombian troops were driven from La Paz.

We are indebted to Humboldt for our earliest geographical descriptions of the northern part of the continent, but to the Italian, Augustin Codazzi, who became a Colombian after the War of Independence, Colombia is indebted for the first systematic exploration of her territory.

Scruggs, The Colombian and Venezuelan Republics (London, 1899; Boston, 1900); W.

The Brazilian line ran north and northwest from the mouth of the Apaporis to the 10th meridian, which was followed to the water-parting south of the Uaupes basin, thence north-east to the Uaupes river, which was crossed close to the 69th meridian, thence easterly along the Serra Tunaji and Isana river to Cuyari, thence northerly up the Cuyari and one of its small tributaries to the Serra Capparro, and thence east and south-east along this range to the Cucuhy rock (Pedra de Cucuhy) on the left bank of the Negro, where the Colombian section ends.

It has been used by the Colombian government for political offenders.

At this time the Colombian auxiliary army was cantoned in Peru, and the third division, stationed at Lima, consisting of veteran troops under Lara and Sands, became distrustful of Bolivar's designs on the freedom of the republic. Accordingly, in about six weeks after the adoption of Bolivar's new constitution, a counter-revolution in the government of Peru was effected by this body of dissatisfied veterans, and the Peruvians, availing themselves of the opportunity, abjured the Bolivian code, deposed the council appointed by the liberator, and proceeded to organize a provisional government for themselves.