Sentence Examples with the word colloquy

In 1529 the famous conference between Luther and Zwingli on the subject of Transubstantiation took place there in the Rittersaal of the Schloss (see Marburg, Colloquy Of).

Laynez took a leading part in the colloquy of Poissy in 1561 between the Catholics and Huguenots; and obtained a legal footing from the states-general for colleges of the Society in France.

At a colloquy of preachers in Flensburg (8th April 1529) Hofmann, John Campanus and others were put on their defence.

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The States General met in December; the edict of Orleans (January 1561) followed, and finally, after the colloquy of Poissy, the edict of January 1562, the most liberal, except that of Nantes, ever obtained by the Protestants of France.

He was at the colloquy of Worms in 1540 and at the diet of Regensburg (Ratisbon) in 1541.

Taking the Articles of Marburg (see Marburg, Colloquy Of) and of Schwabach as the point of departure, he repudiated all connexion with heretics condemned by the ancient church.

He lost favour with Duke John Frederic of Saxony, fell into bad health, was deposed (1555) from his offices, and was disappointed in his hopes of being reinstated, after the colloquy at Eisenach (1J56).

The landgrave, however, was so far successful that the beginning of October (1529) saw the colloquy opened in the castle at Marburg.

The colloquy of Erasmus De sacerdotiis captandis bears witness to the same state of things.

In the cave the saint held his famous colloquy with the devil, in which Satan was worsted and contemptuously dismissed.