Sentence Examples with the word colloid

The employment of guncotton as a propellant was possible only after the discovery that it could be gelatinized or made into a colloid by the action of so called solvents, e.g.

These cells become swollen by this translucent substance and are thrown off into the space where they become fused together, forming colloid masses.

If we assume that a certain minimum electric charge must be brought into contact with a group of colloid particles to produce coagulation, twice as many univalent ions must collect to produce the same effect as a number of divalent ions, and three times as many as an effective number of trivalent ions.

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It is not yet agreed whether colloid solution is the same in kind though different in degree from crystalloid solution or is a phenomenon of an entirely different order.

These vesicles are filled with the colloid material (x 90 diam.) J FIG.

In the normal thyroid there is formed and stored up in the spaces this colloid material.

The separation of organic substances by filtration under high pressure through a colloid membrane, gelatine supported in the pores of a porcelain filter being usually employed.