Sentence Examples with the word collodion

To remove these salicylic acid dissolved in flexible collodion is now generally employed.

Other products were soluble in the ether-alcohol mixture: they were less highly nitrated, and constituted the so-called collodion guncotton.

A characteristic difference between guncotton and collodion cotton is the insolubility of the former in ether or alcohol or a mixture of these liquids.

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P. 378), who used a collodion lens filled with carbonic acid.

The so-called collodion cottons are nitrated celluloses, but of a lower degree of nitration (as a rule) than guncotton.

Extract of belladonna is added to lessen the pain which might occur during the removal of the corn, and this acts as a corrective, while the flexible collodion forms a means of applying it conveniently, and constitutes the vehicle.

But the wet collodion process was then the only one available, and its inconveniences were such as to preclude its extensive employment; the real triumphs of photographic astronomy began in 1875 with Huggins's adoption and adaptation of the gelatine dry plate.