Sentence Examples with the word colima

Are the active volcanoes of Colima (12,750 ft.) and the Nevado de Colima (14,363) ft.).

There is more than one meaning of Colima discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

Earthquake shocks are numerous, and Colima was in violent eruption in 1908-1909.

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Near the 10th parallel the great chain again divides, the eastern part crossing the southern end of the plateau, and the western, or Sierra Madre del Sur, following the shore line closely to Tehuantepec. The Sierra Madre Occidental has but few noteworthy elevations, its culminating points being the Nevado de Colima (14,363 ft.) and Volcan de Colima (12,750 ft.) in the state of Jalisco.

Michoacan lies within the most active volcanic region of Mexico: Jorullo (4262 ft.) is near its southern line, and Colima (12,750 ft.) is northwest of it in the state of Jalisco.