Sentence Examples with the word coleoptera

The multiplication of orders is attended with practical difficulties, and the distinctions between the various groups of the Linnean Neuroptera are without doubt less obvious than those between the Coleoptera (beetles) and the Diptera (two-winged flies) for example.

Horn (Classification of Coleoptera of N.

For various schemes of classification of the Coleoptera see E.

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In the Coleoptera we have to do with an ancient yet dominant order, in which there is hardly a family that does not show specialization in some point of structure or life-history.

Students of the Coleoptera have failed to agree not only on a system of classification, but on the relative specialization of some of the groups which'.

The Coleoptera have been probably more assiduously studied by systematic naturalists than any other order of insects.

C. Miall's Aquatic Insects (London, 1895), the special literature of the Coleoptera is enormous.

The Coleoptera can be traced back farther in time than any other order of insects with complete transformations, if the structures that have been described from the Carboniferous rocks of Germany are really elytra.

The Coleoptera are almost worldwide in their distribution, being represented in the Arctic regions and on almost all oceanic islands.

The occurrence in the hypermetamorphic Coleoptera (see supra) of a campodeiform preceding an eruciform stage in the life-history is most suggestive.