Sentence Examples with the word cola

His father's Christian name was shortened to Rienzo, and his own, Nicholas, to Cola; hence the Cola di Rienzi, or Rienzo, by which he is generally known.

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So let's say your parents bought Coca Cola stock their entire life, left it all to you, and you are able to live off the dividend payments of the stock.

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Contemporary documents prove that the interior was begun in 1508 by Cola Matteuccio da Caprarola, and the exterior completed in1516-1524by Ambrogio da Milano and Francesco di Vito Lombardo; the slender dome was not added till .1606; its plan is a Greek cross.

A Coca Cola probably won't; its price is not a function of its manufacturing cost but of its brand coupled with the demand for it.

Present-day cinema culture is very much one of popcorn and Coca Cola at the cinema complexes in malls.

Bernardino di Siena (1472) has a fine Renaissance facade by Nicolo Filotesio (commonly called Cola dell' Amatrice), and contains the monumental tomb of the saint, decorated with beautiful sculptures, and executed by Silvestro Ariscola in 1480.

In the month of May 1347 Cola di Rienzi accomplished that extraordinary revolution which for a short space revived the republic in Rome, and raised this enthusiast to titular equality with kings.

See also Papencordt, Cola di Rienzo and seine Zeit (Hamburg, 1841); Auriac, Etude historique sur N.

Next in importance rank the epistles and eclogues in Latin verse, the Italian poems and the rhetorical addresses to popes, emperors, Cola di Rienzi and some great men of antiquity.