Sentence Examples with the word coinciding

Swarming usually begins in May in the south of England, and in mid-July in the north of Scotland, the issue of swarms coinciding with the early part of the main honey flow.

For nearly eight hundred years it continued in this position, the frontier of the German empire coinciding more or less with the line of the Rhone.

His previous capital had been the city of Seleucia which he had founded upon, the Tigris (almost coinciding in site with Bagdad), and this continued to be the capital for the eastern satrapies.

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After coinciding with this for 7 m., it makes another cut of 5 m.

Either Hadrian or, more probably, his successor Pius pushed out from the Odenwald and the Danube, and marked out a new frontier roughly parallel to but in advance of these two lines, though sometimes, as on the Taunus, coinciding with the older line.

Let, now, the plate be made in the usual manner to vibrate so as to exhibit two nodal lines coinciding with two rectangular diameters.

A deed done is irrevocable, and its result coinciding in time with the actions of millions of other men assumes an historic significance.

Ibn Batuta, the great Arab traveller, is separated by a wide space of time from his countrymen already mentioned, and he finds his proper place in a chronological notice after the days of Marco Polo, for he did not begin his wanderings until 1325, his career thus coinciding in time with the fabled journeyings of Sir John Mandeville.

The epoch-making events which occurred in England, while he was at Oxford profoundly interested him, and coinciding with the Revolution in Denmark, which threw open a career to the middle classes, convinced him that his proper sphere was politics.

He remained in Egypt four years, his period of office coinciding with the first great reforms, after the danger of bankruptcy had been avoided.