Sentence Examples with the word coincidence

The micrometer readings for coincidence of the movable webs with the webs of the fixed square shall be exactly 0 000R and io-000R.

He points out - (I) that a telescope with an objectglass so divided still produces a single image of any object to which it may be directed, provided that the optical centres of the segments are in coincidence (i.e.

Even the fact that she was born in a town where he owned land is coincidence enough.

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The odds against the coincidence were astronomical, until I considered the facts.

He worked for the good of the state because he thought his interests were bound up with those of the nation; and it was the real coincidence of this private and public point of view that made it possible for so selfish a man to achieve so much for his country.

The writer is acquainted with no experiments in which it was attempted to discern the future (except in trivial cases as to events on the turf, when chance coincidence might explain the successes), and only with two or three cases in which there was an attempt to help historical science and discern the past by aid of psychical methods.

It wasn.t a coincidence he was there.

It is probably not a mere coincidence that the Hexapod, with its two rudimentary somites devoid of appendages, is thus found to possess twenty-one somites, including that which carries the anus, and that this is also the number present in the Malacostracous Crustacea.

In other words the equator would be drawn into coincidence with the ecliptic. Here, however, the same action comes into play, which keeps a rotating top from falling over.

Surely it couldn't be coincidence that he turned up here the day I arrived.