Sentence Examples with the word coin

This, the only coin minted by the government, should bear a fixed ratio of l000 cash to one tael of silver, but in practice there is no such fixed value.

No one I knew of had ever seriously considered the possibility that without any conflict, treaty, war, or even a coin toss, the Soviet Union would simply vote itself into nonexistence in 1991.

Kept in dinars, formerly a gold piece, now an imaginary coin Tdvl of a kran.

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The world's our atlas if we have the guts to flip a coin and take a chance.

The principal officers of the Mint were the master, who manufactured the coin under a contract, the warden or paymaster who acted on behalf of the Crown, the assay master (also a king's officer) who was responsible for the fineness of the coin, the cuneator or superintendent of the engravers of the dies, and the moneyer.

In the Libra, as in most other standards, the value which happened to be first at hand for the coinage was not the mean of the whole of the weights in the country; the Phoenician coin weight is below the trade average, the Assyrian is above, the Aeginetan is below, but the Roman coinage is above the average of trade weights, or the mean standard.

The war between the two pretenders was long and doubtful; on a coin Vonones mentions a victory over Artabanus.

The coin is counted and packed into bags for despatch from the Mint.

Refusing to acknowledge the supremacy of the German king Conrad I., he was unsuccessfully attacked by the latter, and in 920 was recognized as duke by Conrad's successor, Henry I., the Fowler, who admitted his supremacy and the right to appoint the bishops, to coin money and to issue laws.

There were then eight mints at work, a fact which exhibits evidence of great activity and the need of coin for the purposes of trade.