Sentence Examples with the word cognizant

A suspicion that the Colonial Office in London was cognizant of Rhodes's plans further excited Dutch national feeling, and the Bond once more became actively anti-British.

There can be no doubt that Caesar was cognizant of some at least of the threads of conspiracy which were woven during Pompey's absence in the East.

The Guardian hesitated then opened the screen door, wary but cognizant that if Xander was at the door, he wasn't there to fight.

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When he was made cognizant of the charges against Catherine Howard, his duty to communicate them to the king was obvious, though painful.

Dean, cognizant of this, suggested they take the afternoon off.

Instead of first defining the conceptions of freedom and inevitability in themselves, and then ranging the phenomena of life under those definitions, history should deduce a definition of the conception of freedom and inevitability themselves from the immense quantity of phenomena of which it is cognizant and that always appear dependent on these two elements.

It would therefore be desirable for both parties to remove anybody who was cognizant of the double dealing.

No stranger was to have access, and the boy was to be cognizant of none of the sorrows of humanity, such as poverty, disease, old age or death, but only of what was pleasant, so that he should have no inducement to think of the future life; nor was he ever to hear a word of Christ and His religion.