Sentence Examples with the word cognate

The impulses that promoted a vein of thought cognate to deism were active both before and after the time of its greatest notoriety.

The cognate industry of bleaching has been carried on since early in the 18th century, and large ironworks grew up in the latter half of the 19th century.

Geiss, cognate with Lat.

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Persistent efforts have also been made to introduce Polynesian islanders, as being of a cognate race with the Hawaiians, but the results have been wholly unsatisfactory.

In all parts of the western hemisphere society was organized on cognate kinship, real or artificial, the unit being the clan.

Maenan, and cognate forms appear in other Teutonic languages, cf.

The old industries of macaroni and cognate products maintain their superiority.

JOHANN DAVID MICHAELIS (1717-1791), German biblical scholar and teacher, a member of a family which had the chief part in maintaining that solid discipline in Hebrew and the cognate languages which distinguished the university of Halle in the period of Pietism.

Furtwangler; mythology (with cognate subjects) by G.

It is born of causes cognate with those which have begotten frugality.