Sentence Examples with the word coffee table

Xander stretched to grab the keys on his coffee table and tossed them to her.

The envelope had a mind of its own, and it drew her back to the coffee table - demanded that she tear it open and read the answer.

Certainly placing the family picture face down on the coffee table had done nothing to ease her pain.

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Wood was stacked beside it, and she turned the book sitting on the coffee table into newspaper to burn.

Dean found it difficult concentrating on the expense reports with Fred's foot keeping time against the coffee table to an early cut of Hank Williams, but gradually his mind began to focus on the forms.

He leaned across the coffee table and reached for Bird Song's guest register, handing it to Dean.

She then pushed the three smaller denomination coins across the coffee table toward Fred.

Candy spilled across the coffee table and a glass bowl was shoved in front of her mouth.

She reached for her lap top computer on the coffee table and fired it up.

He pulled her micro free from his cargo pocket and set it on the coffee table beside the keypad.