Sentence Examples with the word coffee

A steaming bowl of soup awaited her on the coffee table.

Alex choked on his coffee and set the cup back on the sill.

Color crawled up his neck and his gaze shifted to the coffee mug.

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Instead, she grabbed a coffee and sat across the food court, within view.

Working as fast as she could, she started a pot of coffee and sliced some ham.

During discussions on the economic arrangement with Hungary in 1877 a large number voted against the duties on coffee and petroleum, which were an essential part of the agreement; they demanded, moreover, that the treaty of Berlin should be laid before the House, and 112 members, led by Herbst, gave a vote hostile to some of its provisions, and in the Delegation refused the supplies necessary for the occupation of Bosnia.

Agriculture and grazing have become the main dependence of the population - the former in the lower, forested region of the south-east, where coffee and sugar-cane - are the principal products, and the latter on the higher campos and river valleys, and on the mountain slopes, where large herds of cattle are to be found, and milk, butter and cheese are produced.

Josh was sitting at the table nursing a cup of coffee with Alex.

She led the detective through a kitchen cluttered with coffee cups, soiled plates and two half-eaten cakes.

She agreed to meet him at a highway coffee shop he remembered on the outskirts of Bala Cynwyd, in an hour and a half.