Sentence Examples with the word coextensive

The right of pardoning is coextensive with the right of punishing.

The parliamentary borough, which returns two members, is coextensive with the municipal, and lies between the Accrington and Darwen divisions of the county.

The Church of England is thus theoretically coextensive with the English nation, each unit of which is legally assumed to belong to it unless proof be brought to the contrary.

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Hence his religious feeling and theological speculation demanded their realization in a kingdom of God coextensive with man's nature, terrestrial history and human society; and thus his theological system became a Theologische Ethik, as he entitled one of his books (3 vols., 18 451848).

The parliamentary borough, returning one member since 1885, is coextensive with the municipal borough, and falls mainly within the Ince division of the county.

An important consequence of thus giving the study of primitive religion the wide scope of a comparative hierology is that magic is no longer divorced from religion, since the sacred will now be found to be coextensive with the magicoreligious, that largely undifferentiated plasm out of which religion and magic slowly take separate shape as society comes more and more to contrast legitimate with illicit modes of dealing with the sacred.

Were the first who thought it desirable to form these nationalities into a uniform nation coextensive with the state.

In practice the Church of England is no longer regarded as coextensive with the state; nor is nonconformity any longer, as it once was, an offence against the law.

The trade of the port is almost coextensive with the foreign trade of Natal.

There is only one of the four in which our knowledge is coextensive with our ideas.