Sentence Examples with the word codified

Elaborate legal enactments codified in Babylonia by the 10th century B.C. find striking parallels in Hebrew, late Jewish (Talmudic), Syrian and Mahommedan law, or in the unwritten usages of all ages; for even where there were neither written laws nor duly instituted lawgivers, there was no lawlessness, since custom and belief were, and still are, almost inflexible.

The burghs were not actually the creations of David and William the Lion, but the rights, duties and privileges which had gradually developed in the towns were in the time of these kings codified and confirmed by charters; the towns had magistrates of their own election, courts, and legalized open markets.

The laws of Venezuela are well codified both as to law and procedure, in civil, criminal and commercial cases.

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The native laws were first codified in 1878, in 1887 a board was appointed for their revision, and the new code came into operation in 1901.

The origin of the latter, which has become codified in the Mishnah, has often been discussed.

The laws codified in Lev.

These administer justice in accordance both with French law and, in the case of natives, with Annamese law, which has been codified for the purpose.

From age to age groups of laws were codified and expanded - the Priestly law of the Old Testament, the Mishnah, the complete Talmud, the subsequent codifications of Alfazi, Maimonides, and finally Joseph Caro.

One of that bishop's successors, Adhemar Fabri (1385-1388) codified and confirmed all the franchises, rights and privileges of the citizens (1387), this grant being the Magna Carta of the city of Geneva.

In Judaism - unless we should refer to the prophets' polemic against images a reaction is due to the introduction of the codified law.