Sentence Examples with the word cocoa

She made her way to a coffee shop and sat at a table in the darker end of the shop, hot cocoa in hand.

The then governorgeneral of Angola, Senhor Norton de Mattos, had already instituted reforms and in 1913 had created a Department for Native Affairs, which set itself to regulate the employment of natives, including the recruitment of labourers for the cocoa plantations on St.

She sat across from him, cocoa with marshmallows before both of them.

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Restless, she took her cocoa into the darkened living room and looked out the window, expecting to see Gabriel lurking across the street.

Coco-nuts, pine-apples and bananas, with some cocoa and coffee, are cultivated on small areas.

There was nevertheless an increase in cocoa plantations, chiefly in the Kabinda enclave; coffee, though gathered mainly from wild plants, was also cultivated in the Loanda hinterland and other areas.

In 1890 the operatives in the jute and hemp industry numbered 39,885, and in 1901 they were (including workers in canvas, sacking, sailcloth, rope, twine, mats, cocoa fibre) 46,550.

His trusted deputies --the slender blonde Iliana and the raven-haired gigantor Jade with cocoa skin --sat across from him.

The nut of the kola tree is in great demand, and since 1905 many cocoa plantations have been established, especially in the eastern districts.

Rubber, ebony and other timber, cocoa and gum copal, come next in importance.