Sentence Examples with the word cockroach

Information as to the internal structure of a typical orthopteron - the cockroach - will be found under Hexapoda.

The female of the common cockroach (fig.

See generally Miall and Denny, The Structure and Life History of the Cockroach (1887); G.

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In Trinidad the young are esteemed a great delicacy for the table by many, though some persons object to their peculiar scent, which resembles that of a cockroach (Blatta), and consequently refuse to eat them.

Denny's Cockroach (London, 1886), and L.

Each coelomic pouch - as traced by Heymons in his study on the development of the cockroach (Phyllo- dromia) - divides into three parts, of which the most dorsal contains the primitive germ-cells, the median disappears, and the ventral loses its boundaries as it becomes filled up with the growing fat body (fig.

The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is larger than the former, and is not uncommon in European seaports trading with America, being conveyed in cargoes of grain and other food produce.

Denny, Structure and Life-history of the Cockroach (London, 1886); B.

In the cockroach embryo, before the segmentation of the germ-band has begun, the primitive germ-cells can be recognized at the hinder end of the mesoderm, from whose ordinary cells they can be distinguished by their larger size.

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