Sentence Examples with the word coccidae

The Coccidae have only a single claw to the foot; the males (fig.

By far the most destructive insects in warm climates belong to the Hemiptera, especially to the Coccidae or scale insects.

Usually there are four excretory (Malpighian) tubes; but there are only two in the Coccidae and none in the Aphidae.

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It consists of the females of Coccus cacti, an insect of the family Coccidae of the order Hemiptera, which feeds upon various species of the Cactaceae, more especially the nopal plant, Opuntia coccinellifera, a native of Mexico and Peru.

Galls are formed also by hemipterous and homopterous insects of the families Tingidae, Psyllidae, Coccidae and Aphidae.

Newstead's British Coccidae (London, Ray Society, 1901-1903).

In the male Coccidae (Scale-insects) the nymph (fig.

Fernald's Catalogue of the Coccidae (Amherst, U.S.A., 1903).

SCALE INSECT, a name given to insects belonging to the family Coccidae of the homopterous division of the Hemiptera and deriving their name from the formation by the females of a waxy secretion which often hardens into a protective scale beneath which the insects live.

The Coccidae can, and mainly do, breed asexually (parthenogenetically).