Sentence Examples with the word coca

Present-day cinema culture is very much one of popcorn and Coca Cola at the cinema complexes in malls.

From the Coca to the Amazon it runs through a forested plain where not a hill is visible from the river - its uniformly level banks being only interrupted by swamps and lagoons.

Cocaine is also derived from coca leaves, and a considerably quantity of the drug is exported.

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Cocaine is the active principle of the coca leaf, which is chewed as a stimulant-narcotic in Peru and Bolivia.

These are sun-dried, packed in bales, and distributed throughout the sierra region, where coca is used by the natives as a stimulant.

The Coca river may be penetrated as far up as its middle course, where it is jammed between two mountain walls, in a deep canyon, along which it dashes over high falls and numerous reefs.

With the cinchona trees grow many kinds of melastomaceae, especially the Lasiandra, with masses of purple flowers, tree-ferns and palms. In the warm valleys there are large plantations of coca (Erythroxylon Coca), the annual produce of which is stated at 15,000,000 lb.

Its use as a local anaesthetic (see Anaesthesia) makes it the most valuable of the coca alkaloids, and it is much used in ophthalmic practice.

So let's say your parents bought Coca Cola stock their entire life, left it all to you, and you are able to live off the dividend payments of the stock.

The leaves and young shoots are chewed; they have stimulating properties, comparable with those of the coca of Peru.