Sentence Examples with the word cobalt

The most common of these sulphides is cobaltous sulphide, CoS, which occurs naturally as syepoorite, and can be artificially prepared by heating cobaltous oxide with sulphur, or by fusing anhydrous cobalt sulphate with barium sulphide and common salt.

Sitz., 1897, 106, II.a, p. 623, and 1898, 107, II.a, p. 5) the atomic susceptibilities k of the metals nickel, chromium, iron, cobalt and manganese in solutions of their salts are as follows: - Fe(i) is iron contained in FeC1 2 and Fe(2) iron contained in Fe2(NOs)s.

Among other things, it was found that the behaviour of cast cobalt was entirely changed by annealing; the sinuous curve shown in Fig.

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The atomic weight of cobalt has been frequently determined, the earlier results not being very concordant (see R.

To the magnetized cobalt was proportional to the square of the magnetic induction or of the magnetization.

The barium and magnesium salts of this acid are formed when baryta and magnesia are fused with cobalt sesquioxide.

By heating a mixture of cobalt oxalate and sal-ammoniac in air, it is obtained in the form of minute hard octahedra, which are not magnetic, and are only soluble in concentrated sulphuric acid.

The iodide, Co12, is produced by heating cobalt and iodine together, and forms a greyish-green mass which dissolves readily in water forming a red solution.

Brandt prepared an impure cobalt metal, which was magnetic and very infusible.

Nickel and cobalt are also strongly magnetic, and in 1903 the interesting discovery was made by F.