Sentence Examples with the word coat

It consisted of a short skirted coat with rows of metal buttons, a tricoloured waistcoat and red cap, and became the popular dress of the Jacobins.

The pistol, dagger, and peasant coat were ready.

Betel nuts have been used by turners for ornamental purposes, and for coat buttons on account of the beauty of their structure.

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Some upper classes of Hindus wear for coat the kurta; most wear the angharka (Plate II.

Purgare, to cleanse) aid the onward passage of the contents of the intestinal canal, either by increasing the contractions of its muscular coat as laxatives (Lat.

Lay me down like a stone, O God, and raise me up like a loaf, he muttered as he lay down, pulling his coat over him.

The coat is remarkable for its density and compactness; the general colour of the head and upper parts being clove-brown, with more or less white or whitish grey on the under parts and inner surfaces of the limbs, while there is also some white above the hoofs and on the muzzle, and there may be whitish rings round the eyes; there is a white area in the region of the tail, which includes the sides but not the upper surface of the latter; and the tarsal tuft is generally white.

The coat is composed of two kinds of hair, the one short and coarse and of the character of hair, which lies close to the skin, the other long and curly and of the nature of wool, forming the outer covering.

A long-skirted, cabalistically-cut coat of a faded walnut tinge enveloped him; the overlapping sleeves of which were rolled up on his wrists.

The man in the frieze coat was reading the broadsheet of August 31.