Sentence Examples with the word coastline

The coastline is, in general, undefined and marshy, and broken into numerous bays and peninsulas.

Its shape is exceedingly irregular, and its coastline is broken by numerous bays and peninsulas, sometimes of considerable size.

As Turkish detachments watching this strip of coastline were known to number only about 2,000 men - the Ottoman authorities never contemplating a hostile landing in force in the locality - the design was to put most of the attacking troops ashore during the night of the 6th-7th as a surprise, and that they should then push on at once and master a range of hills 4 or 5 m.

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It is a diamond-shaped peninsula jutting out from the mainland in a north-easterly direction, the longer axis, from Muir of Ord station to the South Sutor at the entrance to Cromarty Firth, measuring 20 m., and the shorter, from Ferryton Point to Craigton Point, due north and south, 12 m., and it has a coastline of 52 m.

Wide on top and has been repaired with masonry in some places, covers a considerable part of the coastline in this part of Brazil.

The coastline is only 32 m.

In area, is mountainous, with extensive cultivated valleys of great fertility, and the coastline is deeply indented by bays.

So intricate is the coastline that the voyage along its shores was estimated at nearly four times the direct distance.

The long stretch of sandy foreshore is broken on the coastline by the magnificent cliffs of Malan, the hammer-shaped headlands of Ormarah and Gwadar, and the precipitous cliffs of Jebel Zarain, near Pasni.

As the whole coastline of Liberia thus fronts the sea route from Europe to South Africa it is always likely to possess a certain degree of strategical importance.