Sentence Examples with the word cn

This salt is a colourless crystalline substance of composition CH30 C6H4 N2 CN HCN 2H20, and has the properties of a metallic salt; it is very soluble in water and its solution is an electrolyte, whereas the solutions of the synand anticompounds are not electrolytes.

Wislicenus, Ann., 1863, 128, p. 13) CH 3 CHO -- CH 3 CH(OH) CN ---- CH3.CH(OH) C02H.

Amidotetrazotic acid yields addition compounds with amines, and by the further action of nitrous acid yields a very explosive derivative, diazotetrazol, CN 3.

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In the sphere of abstract form, mathematics, the like may be allowed, abstraction being treated as an elimination of matter from the cn voXov by one act.

GUANIDINE, CN 3 H 5 or HN: C(NH 2) 2j the amidine of amidocarbonic acid.

The half nitrile of malonic acid is cyanacetic acid, CN CH 2 COOH, which, in the form of its ester, may be obtained by the action of a solution of potassium cyanide on monochloracetic acid.

A considerable amount of local autonomy was allowed, and dependence cn Vienna was very slight and not irksome.