Sentence Examples with the word cluttered

It was en route that a nagging thought rose to the surface of his cluttered consciousness.

There was nothing exotic about it; just a cluttered mess.

Apparently this town was cluttered with them and my great-aunt and her husband had a thankless life mission to attend to the trash.

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You don't need training - especially not from the people who come up with this fashionable cluttered look.

Gabriel had told him just how small and cluttered her apartment was.

Dean's Jeep was at the uphill end of the line of cluttered vehicles and Lydia Larkin was long gone by the time he was free to leave.

Hunter chuckled as they threaded their way around cluttered desks and scores of busy bodies.

It's more of a cluttered box than a web.

She imagined he went to her apartment to check on Toby and was struck by her longing to return to the tiny, cluttered mess of a life that was hers.

It was less cluttered with bodies.