Sentence Examples with the word clung

He did not foresee the strength of the outbreak for which his eloquence had prepared the way, and clung to the programme of 1830.

She clung to him, overwhelmed.

In the last months of his life, under the influence of a great national disaster, the conscientious, persistent autocrat began to suspect that his system was a mistake, but he still clung to it obstinately.

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Indigo jeans clung to his lean hips, but he still wore the white sneakers.

He clung to his right of regale, or enjoyment of the revenues of bishoprics during their vacancy, though it was at times commuted for a fixed payment.

Eureka clung with her claws to the wooden side of the house and let herself down easily.

And she deduced the essentials of his wishes quite correctly, and having once arrived at them clung to them tenaciously.

The objection raised by the Aquitanian presbyter Vigilantius (c. 400) to the belief that the souls of the martyrs to a certain extent clung to their ashes, and heard the prayers of those who approached them, appeared to his contemporaries to be frivolous;.

There is probably a superstitious reason for the preference shown by the dead for offerings of this kind; no wish is commoner than that one may receive bread and beer that had gone up on to the altar of the local god, or with which the god had been sated; something of the divine sanctity still clung about such offerings and made them particularly desirable.

Yet she still clung to old associations, and on her grandmother's death was about to return to her convent, but was dissuaded by her friends, who found her a husband.