Sentence Examples with the word clump

A sense of familiarity hit her as they neared a clump of rocks.

When on the ground, to pass from one clump of trees to another, they do not run on all fours, but stand erect, The Crowned Sifaka (Propithecus diadema coronatus).

They hiked around a clump of cedar and then they were there.

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It is seen as a clump of wire-like leaves, a few feet in diameter, surrounding a stem, hardly thicker than a walking-stick, rising to a height of Jo or 12 ft.

She handed Ed a clump of hay and he delicately plucked it from her fingers.

On its inner surface the longitudinal canal is adpressed to the lateral bloodvessel, and gives off a number of small, blind caeca or tags, each of which ends in a small clump of cells.

The 2nd and 4th Austrian corps found themselves all at once threatened in flank and rear by heavy masses of Prussian infantry, the leading brigades of the crown prince's army, and they began to withdraw towards the centre of their position in ordered brigade masses, apparently so intent on keeping their men in hand that they seem never to have noticed the approach of the Prussian reserve artillery of the Guard which (under Prince Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen) was straining forward over heavy soil and through standing corn towards their point of direction, a clump of trees close to the tower of the church of Chlum.

Fumago - a single mycelial cell divides by septa in all three planes until a more or less solid clump results.

At the south-eastern extremity of Tunisia there is a clump of mountainous country, the wind-and-water-worn fragments of an ancient plateau, which for convenience may be styled the Matmata table-land.

He jabbed the fork into a clump of scrambled eggs and started eating.