Sentence Examples with the word cloudless

Except a narrow belt on the north along the Mediterranean shore, Egypt lies in an almost rainless area, where the temperature is high by day and sinks quickly at night in consequence of the rapid radiation under the cloudless sky.

A few showers are all that fall from the almost invariably cloudless sky above the Transcaspian steppes.

The blue of the sea-water as observed by the Forel scale has of course nothing to do with the blue appearance of any distant water surface due to the reflection of a cloudless sky.

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That takes all those up into itself, outshining them in radiance and glory - just as in the last month of the rains, at harvest time, the sun, mounting up on high into the clear and cloudless sky, overwhelms all darkness in the realms 1 Questions of King Milinda, translated by Rhys Davids (Oxford, 1890-1894), vol.

Between July and October there is little rain, day after day bringing a bright and cloudless sky.

Chief the rng these cosmic deities was the sun-god Re, whose supremacy V ned predestined under the cloudless sky of Egypt.

In the Punjab, the United Provinces, and northern India generally the climate resembles that of the Riviera, with a brilliant cloudless sky and cool dry weather.

The sky is continuously cloudless from the beginning of May till about the end of October; during the summer months the nights as a rule are dewy, except in the desert.

The sky is usually cloudless or only partly cloudy.

And are accompanied by cloudless skies and moderate temperatures.