Sentence Examples with the word clouded

Legendary materials borrowed by Hollinshed from Hector Boece, and on the dynastic myth of the descent of the Stuart kings from Banquo, has clouded the actual facts of history.

His eyes clouded with belated concern and his voice lost its edge.

Another variety has chocolate glaze, clouded with amber and flecked with gold dust.

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The bright prospects thus opening up were clouded by the death of Radama at the age of thirty-six, and the seizure of the royal authority by one of his wives, the Princess Ranavalona.

The evening sky that had been so clear was clouded with smoke, through which, high up, the sickle of the new moon shone strangely.

When he comes to the point where his memory has been clouded by Hagen's spells, Hagen restores his memory with another magic potion.

For a time things went well enough with the expedition; Emin occupied the important town of Tabora on the route from the coast to Tanganyika and established the post of Bukoba on Victoria Nyanza, but by degrees ill-fortune clouded its prospects.

Her early years were clouded by the execution of the duc de Montmorency, her mother's only brother, for intriguing against Richelieu in 1631, and that of her mother's cousin the comte de Montmorency-Boutteville for duelling in 1635; but her parents made their peace with Richelieu, and being introduced into society in 1635 she soon became one of the stars of the Hotel Rambouillet, at that time the centre of all that was learned, witty and gay in France.

When she was told of the surrender of the brave little people, her face clouded and she was silent a few minutes.

It requires an effort for us, under our clouded skies, to realize in some degree the intensity of that impression.