Sentence Examples with the word clothes

On the one side we may see the increase of rich apparel and the profusion of clothes by which people of rank indicated their position.

In his violence, bound as he was, he tore his clothes into shreds, and his bare shoulders and breast were exposed to the gaze of the surging crowd.

He grabbed a handful of her clothes from the suitcase and put them back in the drawer.

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She brushed leaves from her clothes and slowly walked up the drive.

He glanced down at the bullet holes and splashes of blood in his chest, agitated at having to change clothes so early in the day.

They have a passion for fine clothes and ornaments, tricking themselves out with glass trinkets, rings and articles of ivory and horn.

She dressed hurriedly in the clothes Sarah had loaned her and ran fingers through her hair, wishing she had a comb.

So why would he suddenly want her to select the clothes he wore to an informal party where he knew no one.

Exhausted, Jenn stooped to grab her clothes and returned to the locker room.

She was glowing and refreshed, her clothes neat and her scent that of one who had recently bathed.