Sentence Examples with the word clothe

We should feed and clothe him.

The executive order was a way to clothe the president with additional powers.

Various species of nutritious grasses cover much of the plains and foothills, and even clothe the mountain peaks.

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The most incredible tales talk of wealth and power to clothe the lives of the historical heroes of the past.

The king created a lot of holidays to clothe the fact that the people had to work every day of the week.

Lichens and mosses clothe many of the boulders that are scattered over the upper slopes.

It was a vain attempt to clothe the truth in lies.

The infantry was not required to equip, clothe and feed the soldiers.

Pretending to not know what happened was a dishonest attempt to clothe the truth with lies.

It is still common in the dense forests which clothe the mountain ranges as high as 8000 feet.