Sentence Examples with the word clot

The Munich collection was presented to the king of Bavaria by Clot Bey, the chief physician in the Egyptian army during its occupation of Syria; and for a number of the other manuscripts we are indebted to the elder Niebuhr.

And he found that all albinoes do not fail to clot when intravascularly injected with nucleoproteids.

The salts of iron quickly cause coagulation of the blood, and the clot plugs the bleeding vessels.

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ANTOINE BARTHELEMY CLOT (1793-1868), French physician, known as Clot Bey, was born at Grenoble on the 7th of November 1793, and graduated in medicine and surgery at Montpellier.

By embolism is meant the more or less sudden stoppage of a vessel by a plug of solid matter carried thither by the current of the blood; be it a little clot from the heart or, what is far more pernicious, an infective fragment from some focus of infection in the body, by which messengers new foci of infection may be scattered about the body.

Of the Gardens, is the Central railway station, approached by a broad road, the Sharia Clot Bey.