Sentence Examples with the word closest

Basilides, then, represents that form of Gnosticism that is closest to Persian dualism in its final form.

The convenience of an understanding between the two men was obvious; and they were soon on the closest terms. While Montmorin continued minister in name, Mirabeau became so in fact.

Your father's betrayer planted a traitor among those closest to you.

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For relatively short focal lengths a triple construction such as this is almost necessary in order to obtain an objective free from aberration of the 3rd order, and it might be thought at first that, given the closest attainable degree of rationality between the colour dispersions of the two glasses employed, which we will call crown and flint, it would be impossible to devise another form of triple objective, by retaining the same flint glass, but adopting two sorts of crown instead of only one, which would have its secondary spectrum very much further reduced.

A previous meeting with Irving, also a native of Annan, had led to a little passage of arms, but Irving now welcomed Carlyle with a generosity which entirely won his heart, and the rivals soon became the closest of friends.

During some months Savage lived in the closest familiarity with Johnson; and then the friends parted, not without tears.

While resembling the parabola in extending to infinity, the curve has closest affinities to the ellipse.

The emerops facilities were placed strategically, with one never more than two days from the next closest depot.

His closest friend and advisor, the Original Immortal Jule, waited for him atop a horse.

The struggle for religious freedom has suffered no intermission since the beginning of the Reformation; and the result is that to-day its recognition is considered one of the most precious trophies won in the evolution of modern civilization; nor can these changes be reversed, for they stand in the closest connexion and reciprocity one with another, and represent the fruits of centuries of co-operation on the part of the European peoples.