Sentence Examples with the word closely

Up to 1848 he was closely connected with politics, the theatre and the school - he was the successor to Lazar; he wrote grammars, and the introductions to his grammars are models of lucidity, combined with a wide historical view.

Membranous, net-veined wings, those of the two pairs closely alike.

It closely resembles the chloride in being deliquescent, dissolving ferric hydrate, and in yielding basic salts.

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Hard, firm and compact shells with some straggling flossy filaments on the exterior, and the interior layers are so closely and densely agglutinated as to constitute a parchment-like mass which resists all attempts at unwinding.

It occurs in its matrix, either in or closely associated with fissure veins or disseminated through rock masses.

Corfu and Durazzo were to be more closely connected with the Sicilian crown.

The doubts thus cast upon the age when the Homeric poems first assumed the fixed form of writing were closely associated with the universal scepticism as to the historical accuracy of any traditions whatever regarding the early history of Greece.

The embryo undergoes differentiation into an outer layer of cells that produce a chitinoid coat, a middle layer of cells, and a central spherical hexacanth body closely enveloped by the middle coat.

His draperies are tight and closely folded, being studied (as it is said) from models draped in paper and woven fabrics gummed.

But the mere paying out of sufficient slack is not a guarantee that the cable will always lie closely along the bottom or be free from spans.