Sentence Examples with the word closed in

The series of attempts on the queen was closed in 1882 by Maclean, who fired a pistol at her majesty as she was leaving the Great Western Railway station at Windsor.

The old parish kirkyard was closed in 1856, but a fine cemetery was constructed in its place outside the town.

Freetown is picturesquely situated on a plain, closed in behind by a succession of wooded hills, the Sierra Leone, rising to a height of 1700 ft.

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The mine tunnel narrowed and the pair was forced to hunch down under the low ceiling that closed in the fetid air around them like a soaked and musty blanket.

Two more closed in on her, but she danced away, luring one into a trap and throwing the second off guard long enough to escape his outstretched grasp.

The next day Wellington closed in upon Bayonne from the sea to the left bank of the Nive.

And Sciences with a graduate department (1893), a College of the Political Sciences (1907), Washington College of Engineering, divisions of architecture and education (1907), a Department of Law (first organized in 1826; closed in 1827; reorganized in 1865), a Department of Medicine (1821; since 1866 in a building given by W.

D, Ventral view of embryo, in which the blastopore has completely closed in its middle portion.

The village consists of wooden cottages with an inn (gdstgifvaregard), a church, and frequently a collection of huts without windows, closed in summer, but inhabited by the Lapps when they come down from the mountains to the winter fairs.

When the Perkins Institution closed in June, Helen and her teacher went south to Tuscumbia, where they remained until December.