Sentence Examples with the word close-set

He took an immediate dislike to Bastion; the man was short and thick with close-set blue eyes as cold as a winter's morning.

Only here and there upon its fringe the identity of this great area with the metropolis is lost to the eye, where open country remains unbroken by streets or close-set buildings.

Sclerophyllous leaves are ually characterized by entire or sub-entire margins, a thick cuticle, riall but rarely sunken stomata, a we1l-developed and close-set ilisade tissue and a feeble system of air-spaces.

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In these, as in Patella, the typical ctenidia are aborted, and the branchial function is assumed by close-set lamelliform processes arranged in a series beneath the mantle-skirt on either side of the foot.

This type is distinguished by its large bipinnate fronds bearing long and narrow pinnae with close-set pinnules, characterized by the anastomosing secondary veins.