Sentence Examples with the word close to

The islands situated close to the northern shore of the Persian Gulf are Persian territory; they are, from east to west, Hormuz (Ormus), Larak, Kishm, Hengam, Furur, Kish (Kais), Hindarabi, Shaikh-Shuaib, Jebnin, Kharak, Kharaku (Khorgu).

Both present the appearance of diminutive clusters of grapes, at the anterior end of the kidneys, close to the suprarenal bodies, separated from each other by the descending aorta and by the vena cava where this is formed by the right and left vena iliaca communis.

There are large barracks in the neighbourhood, and the Metropolitan lunatic asylum is close to the town.

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The remarkable area of gold-mining industry which lies to the north-east of Gartok is reached by another route from Leh, which, crossing the Chang la close to Leh, passes by Rudok at the eastern extremity of Lake Pangong in a south-easterly direction, running north of the great mountain masses which crowd round the Indus sources.

For cold and late situations, Thomas Andrew Knight recommended the encouragement of spurs on the young wood, as such spurs, when close to the wall, generate the best organized and most vigorous blossoms, and generally ensure a crop of fruit.

You're asking me to drop everything when I'm so close to achieving my goal.

A tree close to the house still bears the name of Charles's oak, but tradition goes no further than to assert that it grew from an acorn of the original tree.

Not far from the mill there was an old house, with many trees growing close to it.

English local tradition placed Wayland Smith's forge in a cave close to the White Horse in Berkshire.

He was, therefore, appropriately lodged in the immediate vicinity of the refectory and kitchen, and close to the guest-hall.