Sentence Examples with the word close quarters

In the meantime, on both sides of this battery, the assailants had come to close quarters with the Russian columns, which were aided by their field guns.

The square was again heavily attacked, but the Arabs could not get to close quarters and in the evening a bivouac was formed on the Nile.

The breaking short of the shaft of the assegai when the weapon was used at close quarters was already a common practice among the Ama-Zulu, but Chaka had the shaft of the assegais made short, and their blades longer and heavier, so that they could be used for cutting or piercing.

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But the likeness probably goes deeper than superficial resemblance that appeals to the eye, for spiders which distinguish flies from bees by touch and not by sight, treat drone-flies after touching them, not in the fearless way they evince towards bluebottles (Calliphora), but in the cautious manner they display towards bees and wasps, warily refraining from coming to close quarters until their prey is securely enswathed in silk.

Dolokhov, running beside Timokhin, killed a Frenchman at close quarters and was the first to seize the surrendering French officer by his collar.

But it was impossible that the rival Venetian and Genoese merchants, dwelling at close quarters in the Levant cities, should not come to blows.

This called forth a letter' from St Paul, who felt himself compelled to grapple at close quarters with teaching which he saw cut at the very root of his own.