Sentence Examples with the word close in

The midrib bears above a series of closely set, vertical, longitudinally-running plates of green assimilative cells over which the wings close in dry air so as to protect the assimilative and transpiring plates from excessive evaporation of water.

An important feature is the occurrence in some species (Ptychoderidae) of paired longitudinal pleural or lateral folds of the body which are mobile, and can be approximated at their free edges so as to close in the dorsal surface, embracing both the median dorsal nerve-tract and the branchial grooves with the gill-pores, so as to form a temporary peri-branchial and medullary tube, open behind where the folds cease.

Blackness engulfed them on every side, and in breathless silence they waited for the fall to end and crush them against jagged rocks or for the earth to close in on them again and bury them forever in its dreadful depths.

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Ming baths, which they may close in the winter months houses and use as gymnasia.

He grinned and reached for her, drawing her close in an embrace.

He jerked the robe from her hand and pulled her close in an intimate embrace, forcing his lips down on hers hungrily.

The warm Mozambique current sweeps down from the N.E., setting up a back drift close in shore.

Broad, but the hills close in again at Andernach, and this ravine-like part of its course cannot be considered as ending till below the Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains), where the river once more expands to a width of1300-1600ft.

The wood of the hazel is whitish-red, close in texture and pliant, and has when dry a weight of 49 lb per cub.

In the knot of mountains which close in about the head of the Gulf of Alexandretta, Alexander, following hard by the coast, marched past the Persian army encamped on the plains to the east.