Sentence Examples with the word cloistered

His cloistered life was uneventful.

Close by were officers' quarters, generally built round a tiny cloistered court (ix., xi., xii.), 0 'Borcovicium (HousEsrf aas) ' - Plan of Housesteads (Borcovicium) on Hadrian's Wall.

From certain cloistered old authors I have gathered that this same sea-unicorn's horn was in ancient days regarded as the great antidote against poison, and as such, preparations of it brought immense prices.

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The adjoining monastery has a pleasing cloistered court.

This cloistered edifice may be identified with the library of Hadrian mentioned by Pausanias; the books were, perhaps, stored in a square building which occupied a portion of the central area.

This is a rectangular structure with only one entrance which gives access, first, to a small cloistered court (x.

It consists of three parts: a cloistered court, from which rises the massive and stately minaret, the maksura or mosque proper, and the vestibule.

Instead they ask me if I want some Burmese Rain forest mixture or some leaves pressed by cloistered nuns in Nepal.

Dean felt the beginnings of a headache creep along the base of his neck as he tried to concentrate on who, among the cast of characters cloistered snugly in Bird Song, might have been responsible for Jerome Shipton's fall.